Elite Basketball Group offers the opportunity to develop a sports club in a unique way, providing all the information and procedures necessary to successfully open and run your own club.

Since the foundation, our vision has been and still is to share the experience of Elite Basketball in as many cities and countries as possible, by opening new branches and subsidiaries.

Our values:

• Nationally and internationally qualified coaches.

• Efficient and constantly improved management. 


• Our concept is unique and this differentiates us from the competition.

• We offer over 6 different training programs for sports enthusiasts of all ages. 


• Both athletes and their parents are the main beneficiaries of our club's services. In addition to modern and efficient methods of organization, our club offers athletes the benefits of active marketing that constantly promotes their value and evolution.

The Elite Basketball system is efficient and flexible, offering the branches the following advantages:

  • A strong and full of opportunities network.
  • Small initial investment.
  • Simplified management of the entire club and permanent support.
  • The right to use the club logo and name.
  • Elite Basketball Group Operation Manual.
  • Training for managers and other technicians.
  • Training courses for coaches.
  • Ongoing support for the implementation of the system and new projects.
  • Marketing and development strategy.
  • Know-how.
  • Territorial exclusivity.
  • Constant support in up-dating.

The advantages of our system from the competitive point of view:

All subsidiaries and branches will contribute to the formation of several strong teams for each age category.

The location where the team will be established will be given by the majority of athletes (from which city they come). Thus, each branch will strengthen its teams at different age categories and will give athletes the chance to play at a competitive level.

Open your own Elite Basketball branch in your city !

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