The advantages of basketball for children


Below we will give you a few examples of why basketball is very good for harmonious development of children. 


Being a sport that involves performing various movements (running, jumping, dribbling, etc.), basketball increases the resistance of the heart and lungs, while intensifying blood circulation. This fact favors the acceleration of the metabolism (it intensifies the fat burning process), preventing the appearance of obesity and toning the muscles.

Basketball, like other team sports, requires coordination of the whole body, but especially of hand-eye coordination. Movements during dribbles, shooting, passes and jumps require planning, precision and quick reactions. A complex coordination takes place, which involves the mind and the body alike. The child will be able to gradually control his body position during the game, in response to the opponent's movements.

Also, basketball can help children develop the balance, this is mainly due to the movements performed during the game, when they are forced to run in different directions with our without dribbling as well as jumping on one or both legs.

Last but not least, basketball is a sport that stimulates the child's agility, forcing him to move quickly, promptly, to change the direction in which he moves at any time.

Taking into account the above, it can be said that basketball is a complex activity that trains the whole body, helping the child to develop harmoniously, to become more resistant and to face more easily the challenges that may arise in daily life.


As a team sport, basketball offers the child the opportunity to understand and learn the team spirit. The training, but also the game itself, proves that you can't get the victory on your own, that you have to cooperate with your teammates to achieve your goal. The child will begin to understand the so-called "fair play", that you can't always be a winner and you have to learn how to lose as well.

Being in a team means giving, sharing, being kind to others, communicating. In addition, teamwork requires both mutual respect and the establishment of rules and following them. In other words, the child learns to listen to others, to tolerate them and to support them.

Also in this context, the child will learn what commitment to the team means. You will find that in order for a team to function well, you often have to give up your own desires and preferences in favor of those of your colleagues. Moreover, a team involves taking on various responsibilities, which you have to complete, even if they seem difficult to fulfill. This also involves self-discipline, especially since the child must understand that you cannot play basketball if you do not follow the rules and regulations.

Teamwork develops the feeling of solidarity, but also friends. It is ideal for team members to take part in other common activities that will help them get to know each other better. 


Basketball can contribute to the development of personal and social values ​​that will be useful to the child throughout the educational process.

Regarding emotional development, it should be noted that a child who practices basketball will learn to have self-confidence. It's not about that confidence that refers to the fact that "I'm the best, so I will definitely win", but to the confidence in his abilities to be a valuable member of the team, which has its qualities and tasks, which will help the team to achieve its goal. Self-confidence must refer to trust in the resources available, at a given time, to fulfill their role in the team. This is especially important because it will give the child the assurance that he can face all kinds of challenges.

In conclusion, basketball is a sport that contributes to the complex development of the child's personality, giving him a multitude of skills that will help him evolve positively and integrate faster into the society. 

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