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We have started a project of fundraising with the goal to join ”BCS Cup 2020 Romania”, a tournament competition.

Due to the fact that 2020-2021 is going to be our first appearance in ProBasket championships, we have players who are playing in this formula for the first time. 

To reach our goal which is winning the title we need to play as many games as possible and  develop the relationships between the players in and off the court. Therefore, we would like to participate at the tournament. Considering the fact that teams from different leagues will play, our team will represent Switzerland and present itself with the aim of winning the first place. 

Why international competition? 

Because preparing the athletes at a higher level will have a positive impact on the upcoming  games. The experience gained while playing across the border and representing the country  will have a major impact on the players' self-confidence, as well as on evaluating our current level.   

It is obvious that our players need to strengthen their game relationships. We have a lot of young and talented guys who come from different teams and I think that traveling would be a good opportunity to get to know each other better and spend more time developing the team chemistry. Preparation games are always welcome,  especially when it comes to playing strong games.” 

Ayhan Emilianof - head coach

You can donate here:

In exchange for your help, we will organize a public meeting after our return, to celebrate together and hold a photo session with the players and all the supporters. 

You can also see the rewards we are giving for your donations on the project's link.

We want to thank I Believe In You and everybody for support.

Let's GO Elite!