We continue the preparation games series


After 2 games played in the company of BC Korac (54-60, 63-96), our team continues the series of training games. This Friday we will play against BC AKA, team that evolves in National League 1. With a roster of 10 players, our team will play the first away game.

Is important for our players to have as many games played as possible before the competitions start. We want strong games, games  in wich we will give everything we can and at the same time I want to evaluate the players and the level of our team. It is known that the whole team is new, most of our players are young and without to much  experience. I am happy that we have among us some experienced players. I think a big plus for us this season will bring the players with experience in first league. I have trust in every player, we have good individual qualities but we still need to find that chemistry and to play smart basketball.   - Ayhan Emilianof (Head coach)

Our team has another game scheduled at home, on August 30 against Rüti Basket.

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